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Welcome to the BROM CMS/BelCal® Installation Wizard. Show PHP-Info
Error: The script is not tested on PHP Version 8.0 yet. The functionality can not be guaranteed.

Step 1

Please check the following requirements are met before continuing...
PHP Version >= 5.4 Yes PHP Session Support Enabled PHP Safe Mode Disabled
AddDefaultCharset unset Yes
GD2 Support Yes

Step 2

Please check the following files/folders are writeable before continuing...
bc/config/config.php Writeable bc/template/ Writeable
bc/languages/ Writeable bc/temp/ Writeable
bc/objects/ Writeable bc/modules/ Writeable

Step 3

Please check your path settings, and select a default timezone and a default backend language...
Absolute URL:
Default Timezone:  
Default Language:

Step 4

Please specify your operating system information below...
Server Operating System: Linux/Unix based

(Please note: only recommended for testing environments)
Please enter your MySQL database server details below...
Host Name:   Port (3306):
Database Name:
Table Prefix:

(Please note: May remove existing tables and data but not older version 1.x)

Step 5

Please enter your project title below...
Project title:

Step 6

Please enter your Administrator account details below...
Username:   Password:
Email:   Re-Password:

Step 7

Complete the installation ...
Please note: In order to attract sponsors for the development of the program, the acceptance of the system plays a major role. This can be found with a statistic about the number of installations. If you accept that a message is sent to the author about the installation, you contribute indirectly to improvements to the program.
Insurance: It will not send any data that would allow in any way the access to system.

  BROM CMS/BelCal® is released under this license: Read license text.
BROM CMS/BelCal® is released under the BROM CMSBelCal® License